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Loft Interiors – How to Decorate for Less

Lofts were once associated with the young, urban professional who wanted an all-around space for a modern and demanding lifestyle, but these days many people are converting loft storage space into cosy living areas.

Lofts were once a cheap alternative for artists who wanted the convenience of a studio workspace and home. Old or refurbished warehouse or factory spaces were then converted into a modish, ultra-convenient space. Most of the time, people who choose lofts leave behind the vintage architectural details of a home.

Lofts usually have large windows with a nice cityscape view. Most lofts have open ceilings, which are painted in one colour like red or green to bring out the beauty of the space.

Today’s modern, demanding lifestyle finds a perfect solution through the use of lofts for both home and business functions. A huge amount of time is also saved commuting to an office, and business start-ups can save a lot by not renting a separate workspace. You may incorporate an art gallery, home office, bar, cafe, or a fitness club in your loft. You may also use these great tips for designing your home office space.

Here are Strategies in Maximizing Your Budget for Your Loft Space:

For starting entrepreneurs, lofts are great investments, to begin with, where you can put up an office space, a show area, and host events simultaneously.

If you have just bought a multi-level loft, you can opt to stay on one level while another is undergoing renovation and the acquisition stage. You can always upgrade later.

You don’t have to strip everything from the old structure unless safety issues are involved. The vintage look can be a great theme to work with and you may just add a splash of colours on concrete to make it look less urbane.

Minor Renovationling can be done by you, your friends, or business partners. This will add a more personal touch to your space, without the need to pay extra workers. There are plenty of DIY tips on the web that can help you get started, or you may visit your local craft shop for an inspiration.

Go vertical… when choosing a smaller loft. This way, you can store items up high.

Shop for functional, multipurpose furniture that saves you space, like floor to ceiling wardrobes. You will find a good selection here. You can even buy a sectional sofa that can be converted to a sleeper sofa or bed.

Check out your salvage or thrift stores. You don’t know what treasure you will find if you take extra time to shop for accent pieces.

Don’t forget that lofts follow contemporary or modern design, where less is simply more. You don’t have to fill up your space like those of traditional homes. Besides, you need ample space for all of your activities.

The usual open floor plan of a loft is a great challenge for many. Don’t let this intimidate you. Experiment with ways where you can give your loft a modern vibe, without having to spend more. Enjoy!]]> </content:encoded>