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Maintaining Your Home Now Saves Money in The Long Run

Initially, it might seem like a lot of work when you begin to consider home renovations, DIY projects and/or a refresher in terms of your home’s décor. However, in comparison to the future pay-off, it is worth a little extra effort now. In this article, we will look at home improvement ideas, what they can offer in terms of lifestyle and how they can help you save money long-term.

Eco-Friendly Improvements

Get green! Home improvements that are designed to lower your energy consumption, be friendlier on the environment and help you to save on your energy bills, well… they’re a no-brainer. They might involve a little investment (financial, and time) now, but this is a small price in terms of the long-term benefits. An eco-friendly home will invite a better Energy Performance Certificate, will allow you to become more energy-efficient and conscious about the energy your household uses overall, save on your bills and generally do better things towards reducing your carbon footprint. So, here are some eco-friendly ideas to maintain your home: Cavity wall insulation, loft insulation, pipe insulation, boiler insulation, boiler and radiator upgrade, energy-efficient lighting, high-tech heating and cooling systems such as air con and app-controlled thermostats, water meter billing, solar panels and domestic wind turbines. Yep, they exist! Obviously, some of these options are more costly than others (wind turbines and solar panels will likely take a much larger investment, for example, than insulation solutions).

Extensions or Conversions

Again, a little time and money to invest here will pay-off in terms of your own home comforts as well as when it comes to selling your property in the longer-term. Adding additional space to your property is definitely worth considering when it comes to maintaining your home for future benefits. Not only might you get to enjoy a new workout space, office, loft snug or bedroom for the remainder of your time in the property, you also add to the value of the property overall. Also, quite often your home will have underused spaces. A loft conversion, for example, could be a simple way of utilising unused space, adding a gorgeous new room or functional space to enhance your day-to-day life whilst cutting out the need for planning permission and extra structural build. Tie in all of those eco-friendly tips from above and you’re onto a winner.

Upgrading your Décor

This is possible the simplest way to maintain your home so that it stays fresh, appealing and comfortable to live in. However, often it is the option that will require the most timely input from you personally (unless you hire a decorator). The advantage of DIY when it comes to refreshing your interior is that you can allow yourself all the time you need, and you can find some amazing looks on a budget. A lick of paint, a feature wall, and a couple of new mirrors are a great starting point. But, if you have the budget, upgrading your flooring and your lighting to create a welcoming, homely and/or modern ambience can sometimes make a huge difference to the space – and to the appeal of the house once up for sale.

Whoever heard of a Yarden?

Lastly, if you have an outdoor space – look after it. Outdoor spaces where people can enjoy the summer months are a huge seller to buyers. So, even if you’re working with a small yard and an outhouse, turn your yard into a ‘yarden’ by adding some simple features such as solar lighting, pot plants and a couple of trellises with flowering crawlers. Even painting the shed can transform a dull yard into a relaxing outdoor space.

In Conclusion…

The great thing about implementing these changes and staying up-to-date with the latest trends in eco-friendly facilities and add-ons is that, not only do you benefit from a fresh, modern home and save money on energy along the way – you also stay ahead of the game when it comes to putting your property on the market. A home with a nice-looking EPC and extra space that is well maintained is going to stand out above the competition.